Strand of Pearls Curriculum for Women’s Discipleship

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Strand of Pearls is more than just another women’s Bible study. It’s a proven, reproducible method of equipping women to obey the Great Commission. And through Catalyst Missions, God is using it to change the lives of women around the world. This workbook is comprised of a collection of twenty-five lessons—straight from the pages of God’s Word. The lessons are both relevant and applicable to women at any station of life. Here is a sampling of lessons you will find in Strand of Pearls:

  • The Well Who Came to the Woman
  • Perishing in the Pew
  • Redeemed from a Sinful Past
  • Holy Habit of Quiet Time
  • The Basics of Bible Study
  • The Health of Your countenance—Dealing with Depression
  • Cure for the Poison of Bitterness
  • Seasons of Storms, Sorrows, and Suffering

The strategy of this book is based on the five phases of spiritual growth and a series of lessons that correspond to each of them. This provides women with a simple plan to follow in personal and group Bible study. Making disciples the way Jesus did is organic. He chose twelve ordinary men (and a few women too), and He did life with them. He was their teacher, His word was their curriculum, and every situation became a classroom for learning. This workbook teaches women how to emulate Jesus’ methods.

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